All enthusiastic customer testimonials at a glance

Phenomenal professionalism and a trusting emotional base

“Yvonne is a fascinating therapist with an amazing professional background. I have been enjoying weekly sessions with Yvonne for the past six months. Her variety of methods, ranging from deep analysis, hypnosis, mind travel, past analysis to uncovering deep unconscious behaviour patterns, has not only helped me to understand myself better, but also to actively take control of my life. Yvonne not only fixed my eating disorder, but also worked through the underlying factors and helped me to understand them. For the past 7 months I have been free of my eating disorder, have a healthier relationship with myself and am beginning to understand which issues are fundamental to me in life. Yvonne helps me work through the issues in my relationship and never loses focus: to strengthen and build me up in my self-confidence. Yvonne does exactly that. With phenomenal professionalism and a trusting emotional base!”

– Anonymous, Executive, Berlin, January 2022 –

I have befriended my dragons

“I met Yvonne during a messy part in my life. I was angry, sad, and reckless in many ways to suppress what I had to face. A broken doll trying to keep all the pieces together but breaking myself in a circle of self-destruction. Over the years Yvonne has guided me to find my truth and what the real source of my battle was and is … as it is an ongoing battle. Like an addiction it never goes away, and she has helped me to live a peaceful life with it. “I have befriended my dragons” to take back my power which I gave away in my youth. Yvonne is selfless and helps people more than she could ever conceive. She creates a safe space to allow me to realise and accept the demons I have suppressed and fought for years… today I can name them and stop hiding from the unknown in fear, shame, and anger. She truly is an angel catalyst and walks beside me to “rediscover” myself. The journey of life is now less scary with the tools and her kindness she has gifted me over the years.”

– Anonymous, Bank Manager, Johannesburg, RSA, January 2022 –

I found myself again and most of all, I discovered what my purpose was in life

“When I first met Yvonne, I was heavily addicted to CM and drinking daily. I had been a young multi-millionaire and lost it all because I strayed off the road of life. I was in a place where I didn’t really care whether I lived or died and was on the way to self-destruction. I simply didn’t know how to stop, and I didn’t even really want to stop. Yvonne helped me over this hurdle through powerful sessions reaching levels no other treatments I used could achieve. It was not just about breaking a habit, but rather helping me to get in touch with my inner being. Yvonne taught me to look inward and not out, to build a love for myself again, and to forgive myself for the MISTAKES I thought I had made. The journey wasn’t an easy one but through her gentle guidance I started to want to live again. Along this path I found gratitude/humility/respect and self-discipline. Working through Yvonne’s program, I found myself again and most of all, I discovered what my purpose was in life. From there I stopped thinking about drugs, they just faded away from having any involvement in my life. I managed to rebuild my almost defunct family and now enjoy a wonderful relationship with my wife and my children and have rebuilt a sustainable business and have my goals in sight.
To Yvonne I say THANKYOU not only for saving my life, but also for helping give me real meaning to the life I lead now. The journey of life continues, and each time I see you is a gift that I truly appreciate.”

– Anonymous, Johannesburg 2021 –

I am truthfully appreciative of her genuine intention and ability to help

“In just 10 sessions I had with Yvonne so far, my life has been transformed beyond belief at so many different levels. What I thought was my baby daughter’s problem was really a reflection of unresolved trauma from my own past abuse and subsequent divorce. Once aware of this, we worked through multiple aspects of hurt and guilt that I wasn’t even aware I was carrying. Yvonne helped me build my inherently lacking confidence, and over multiple sessions and from different angles, she has helped me solve my anxieties and boost my confidence, the result of which led me to not only an incredible career opportunity but also an incredible relationship I may not have been able to step into and develop without her help. I am at a completely different place from where I was three months ago and will continue to work with Yvonne on issues I still want to address. I am truthfully appreciative of her genuine intention and ability to help.”

– Anonymous, Director, Japan, January 2022 –

And I'm so grateful for everything you have done for me

”Dear Yvonne, I would like to thank you so much for the incredible time we spent together. I am doing so much better. Thank you for helping me resolve my emotional blockages regarding my son David and in the process to free HIM! The greatest news is that I received a beautiful whatsapp message from David today. I believe that you unlocked something inside of me, which in turn unlocked something inside of him. He has never said anything like that to us in all his 31 years of life. The happiness inside of me reading that was incredible. 

To restore our relationship after years and years of terrible arguments & fights has lifted my spirit so much. You also seem to have opened the channel with my father, with whom, although dead, I can now talk to again. I just want you and Dad to know I love you both. And I’m so grateful for everything you have done for me. These past 3 years have been the toughest for me. Thank you, thank you is all that I can say.”

– Anonymous, Johannesburg 2021 –

I'm working towards accepting myself

“Dear Yvonne, I’m beyond thankful for our sessions, just the “push” I needed to get going again and finally be able to let go of my destructive behaviour. You have an amazing knack to get me to realise my thoughts and triggers and you always seem to find the key word that unlocks something in me. Thank you for all the tools you have taught me to redirect my negative thoughts. The mantra “I’m working towards accepting myself” was particularly poignant and helpful, and easy to incorporate into my daily living. I feel much “lighter”, more energetic, and less consumed in my thoughts. I even started exercising again, what a rewarding feeling and what a great sense of empowerment!” Thanks once again, and see you soon.”

– Anonymous, Johannesburg 2022 –

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