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Take the free quick test right now and then find out in a free conversation with me how you can become free, how you can enter life strong, self-determined and energetic and finally become fulfilled and successful.  

About Yvonne Munshi

Yvonne helps people across the world to get rid of destructive habits. She is an expert in neuropsychological processes that can lead from harmful habits to loss of control and even illness.  With her Bliss Breakthrough Process, she guides people to regain their control, take back their freedom, their happiness, and their lives, and to joyfully discover, acknowledge and realise their full potential.

Yvonne has a unique combination of skills using Coaching, Mentoring, NLP, Hypnosis, Biopsychology and Neuroscience Coaching and is thus well-placed to speed up your journey to a balanced state of wellbeing. 

With 15 years of experience as a therapist and 10 years specialising in the neuropsychology of destructive habits, Yvonne has built up a special know-how that has been proven to help her clients set themselves free.

Yvonne is considered an insider tip and is often recommended by doctors and therapists. She is also repeatedly interviewed on television and radio as an expert in her field, speaks at conferences, rehabilitation centres and at schools.

Skilled in Cognition, Public Speaking, Stress Management, Trauma and Healing, Hypnotherapy and NLP, Yvonne helps you overcome hurdles and lead the life you deserve. With her coaching and mentoring, depression and burnout can be turned around and better still – prevented! Aligning Mind and Body with Spirit is a prerequisite to healing and happiness as Yvonne demonstrates in her own cancer journey which today she sees as an invaluable gift. It took her to the Native Americans that opened the portal to her intuitive and spiritual side, and brought wolves into her life, both gifts that now greatly enhance her therapy work. She has helped prisoners in a Canadian prison to overcome challenges related to crimes committed under the influence. She also works with people who are recovering from dependencies, and she has written a book on addiction for the public and in parallel a course book for practitioners.

In her past, Yvonne also had to overcome some challenges. The first trauma was the loss of her young husband in a car accident due to excessive drinking, after being married for only 10 months. She left the hotel business, fled to Africa, got married, became a mother to two wonderful boys, and flew for 17 years as a commercial pilot. The marriage began to falter and after another 7 years of crisis, 23 years of marriage ended in divorce. Then came breast cancer, then Insulin resistance and burnout. The health crisis made her realise that she had been sweeping her past under the carpet and it was time to deal with it. This is what she did! Since her cancer she journeys yearly to the Native Indians of North America to participate in the annual sacred Sundance ceremonies. This spiritual journey as a Sundancer has set her free and developed her firm belief that we all have the ability to heal ourselves. This journey also brought about a magnificent connection with her spirit animal the Wolf. She is a wolf mother to a Mongolian Timberwolf, Wizard, and to 220 wolves and 80 huskies at the HuskyRomi Wolf Sanctuary in the Free State in South Africa. Through the opening of spirit with the help of the indigenous people of America, and the magic of the wolves, she got her health back on track and now shares the wonderful beauty of life with her absolute soulmate. 

In parallel to her own story and losses however, several of her wider family members indulged in sensual intoxicants with far reaching impact, leading to yet another death in the family, and with cancer as a result in a directly affected family member.
Because of the emotional impact the family drama had on all, and casting her eye farther afield, she realised how prevalent this problem is in today’s society. 

Her own breakthrough awakened in her a burning desire to study this issue in depth to help people who are stuck in it. She found a massive chasm between scientific research and how the public understands and deals with this problem. Her years of secondary study in biopsychology and neuropsychology gave her a deep understanding between the connections of body, mind and spirit and the neurological circuitry which, when out of sync, can have devastating consequences. :  And so, the Bliss Breakthrough Process was born:

Her Vision is to change the general perception that addicts are losers, because they are not, they are battling with a brain disease. They deserve the same help that any ill person obtains. Thus no one should feel helpless at the mercy of this affliction. With this process and her public speaking Yvonne hopes to change the tide of public opinion, while at the same time help many overcome their problem and regain their freedom discreetly from their own home through this process and her expertise. Many people do not even know that they are already at risk or don’t realise that they have lost control and what that really means. That is why she has developed tests with which one can discreetly find out immediately how strong the dependency already is.

Her passion is to help more people get out of this terrible spiral and regain happiness in life, and, just as importantly, to raise awareness in society about this issue so that fewer people get caught up in this web. Because prevention is even better than repair! 

With the Bliss Breakthrough Process, you will consciously and unconsciously become free of limiting thoughts and harmful habits. Life becomes vibrant and beautiful in ways you never even dared to dream of. That feeling is lying dormant inside of you and is just waiting for you to take the step to tackle what has been holding you back. With the Bliss Breakthrough Process dreams become reality.

Your free quick test

Take the free quick test right now and then find out in a free conversation with me how you can become free, how you can enter life strong, self-determined and energetic and finally become fulfilled and successful.  


Phenomenal professionalism and a trusting emotional base

"Yvonne is a fascinating therapist with an amazing professional background. I have been enjoying weekly sessions with Yvonne for the past six months. Her variety of methods, ranging from deep analysis, hypnosis, mind travel, past analysis to uncovering deep unconscious behaviour patterns, has not only helped me to understand myself better, but also to actively take control of my life. Yvonne not only fixed my eating disorder, but also worked ..."

Anonymous - Executive, Berlin, January 2022

I have befriended my dragons

"I met Yvonne during a messy part in my life. I was angry, sad, and reckless in many ways to suppress what I had to face. A broken doll trying to keep all the pieces together but breaking myself in a circle of self-destruction. Over the years Yvonne has guided me to find my truth and what the real source of my battle was and is … as it is an ongoing battle. Like an addiction it never goes away, and she has helped me to live a peaceful life with it. ..."

Anonymous - Bank Manager, Johannesburg, RSA, January 2022

I found myself again and most of all, I discovered what my purpose was in life

"When I first met Yvonne, I was heavily addicted to CM and drinking daily. I had been a young multi-millionaire and lost it all because I strayed off the road of life. I was in a place where I didn’t really care whether I lived or died and was on the way to self-destruction. I simply didn’t know how to stop, and I didn’t even really want to stop. Yvonne helped me over this hurdle through powerful sessions reaching levels no other treatments I used could achieve. It was not just about breaking a habit, but rather..."

Anonymous - Johannesburg 2021

Your free quick test

Take the free quick test right now and then find out in a free conversation with me how you can become free, how you can enter life strong, self-determined and energetic and finally become fulfilled and successful.  

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