How to become free from stress and harmful habits
and break through to the brilliant you!

YES – true victory, pure joy, and a brilliant YOU await you!

This is possible, even if you have tried and failed many times and think you can never achieve this.

This invitation comes to you filled with Swiss Alpine Energy from a beautiful mountain stream, the Wallbach. I look forward to seeing you in my community – this group is private and….discretion is guaranteed!

This community is perfect for you if you want to build an indestructible self and be free.

Dear wonderful YOU

This community is for all those who want to understand habits better, and who either:

– realize that they themselves might be engaging in a habit that potentially could be harmful.

– or have a loved one who is engaging in a harmful habit and is going down the wrong road.

This may be a habit that at first seems quite harmless, but you realize that it is becoming more and more frequent and is becoming potentially destructive:

  • endless gaming?…or overuse of social media?
  • speculate? wager, bet or play? and keep losing money?…
  • going out drinking and finding ever more dents in the car?…
  • overdoing chocolate till you can’t say no?…
  • unhealthy eating habits, full of sugars and fats, kilos piling on, endless diets and
    weight yo-yo’s?…leading to
  • health issues, or even
  • rejecting food altogether…

Or is it that unbearable stress is leading you to even more destructive habits, like

  • overdoing legal medication or
  • illegal compounds, leading you down a road of self-destruction?

Have you, or a loved one, tried to turn around but don’t know how, because, as many others, you tried and failed before….??

If you recognize yourself in any of the above, then I can reassure you: you are not alone! Many out there find themselves in the same boat and are looking for support to overcome their hurdles.

Here in this community, you find answers and solutions to overcome these hurdles and redirect your lifeboat into safe waters. Often times, one doesn’t even realize that there are hurdles in ones way, as they are very often limiting negative beliefs of subconscious nature. Once you remove the negative beliefs and overcome the hurdles that have been holding you back, you can realize your full potential and step into an amazing new space – A TRULY BEAUTIFUL LIFE!

Join my community where you get to know others with whom you can exchange ideas, ask me questions, or, simply be a silent and/or anonymous observer – everyone can find exactly what they need here.

Of course, this community is free of charge, and I am here with my full dedication and expertise to answer your questions and help you on your journey to empowerment and ultimate freedom.
Click on the link below – I look forward to welcoming you in this special space:


My wonderful clients and their journey to success.

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Roger K. Executive,
Germany, January 2022

Starting Point:
Roger came to me distressed, overworked, close to a burnout, dissatisfied with his life and uncertain of why he and his partner were constantly fighting.

His goal:
He wanted help to improve his life and his relationship with his life partner. Only along the way did he realize and admit even to himself that he was suffering from an eating disorder, and then also admitted that he struggled with overindulging in alcohol consumption.

“Yvonne is a fascinating therapist with an amazing professional background. I have been enjoying weekly sessions with Yvonne for the past six months. Her variety of methods, ranging from deep analysis, hypnosis, mind travel, past analysis to uncovering deep unconscious behaviour patterns, has helped me to understand myself better and actively take control of my life. Yvonne not only fixed my eating disorder, but also worked through the underlying factors and helped me to understand them. For the past 7 months I have been free of my eating disorder, have a healthier relationship with myself and am beginning to understand what is fundamentally important to me in life. Yvonne helped me work through the issues in my relationship and never lost focus: to strengthen and build me up in my self-confidence. Yvonne does exactly that. With phenomenal professionalism and a trusting emotional base!”
Roger. K. Executive, Germany, January 2022

Starting Point:
When Ria introduced herself,  I was meeting two different people in one. Confident, even hard-core when speaking about work and her teams.
However, switching to personal life, she became a weak, needy, and very insecure, with a history of destructive relationships. It seemed as if she was addicted to every partner and allowed him to treat her abominably.

Her Goal:
Ria wanted help to fix her relationship and to understand why she always seemed to chose men as partners that turned the relationship into destructive ones where she became a victim.

“I met Yvonne during a messy part in my life. I was angry, sad, and reckless in many ways to suppress what I had to face. A broken doll trying to keep all the pieces together but, breaking myself in a circle of self-destruction. Over the years, Yvonne has guided me to find my truth and what the real source of my battle was and is. Like an addiction, it never really goes away, but she has helped me to live a peaceful life with it. I have “befriended my dragons” to take back my power, which I gave away in my youth. Yvonne is selfless and helps people more than she could ever conceive. She creates a safe space to allow me to realise, and accept the demons I have suppressed and fought for years… today I can name them and stop hiding from the unknown in fear, shame, and anger. She truly is an angel catalyst and has walked beside me to “rediscover” myself.”
Ria.B. Finance Manager, Johannesburg, RSA, January 2022


Ria B., Corporate Manager, Johannesburg, January 2022

Why are my clients so successful?

Because they are guided to the root core of their issue and solve it there where they are stored, in the subconscious mind.
They work through a many layered process:

Realise and overcome the root cause, to design your road to freedom

Our beliefs are recorded in a deep part of the mind that you don't usually have access to. With a good therapist at your side, you are guided into your subconscious mind, where we solve your misperceptions you may have created unawares. When that is achieved, you truly are free to move into a new and healthy mental space, ready to start building a new life path to freedom and success.

Learning how habits are formed in the brain

When you understand how your brain works, then you can work WITH your brain instead of being a victim of brain processes you don't understand and that seem to work AGAINST you. Changing habits is about retraining the brain - that is neuroplasticity at its best.

Realising the power that resides in you

Yvonne is your team-partner during your journey to success. You are treated with utter discretion and respect at all times, because she knows how much hardship is behind you. She will bring the best out in you, because she knows that every human being is full of potential - it is just a matter of uncovering it, rekindling it, and allowing it to grow.

Finding meaning and purpose opens the door to that sacred space ....

Some call it Soul, or Higher Self, some Spirit, others God or Universal Energy. As Human Beings, we yearn for meaning of our existence on this earthly plane. Sometimes we get a fleeting glimpse, but more often than not it eludes us. What would it mean to you if you could connect with that unfathomable space? Yvonne, through her own cancer healing journey, has first-hand experience and is well-placed to accompany you on your sacred journey.

Who is Yvonne Munshi?

Yvonne is a mentor and therapist with 17 years of experience in transformational coaching and spent 10 years at the forefront of neuroscience research of habits. She is an expert in the neuropsychological processes of stress and harmful habits and has published a course book on habits and the addictive processes in the brain.

Her success in guiding her clients to their amazing break through’s is not per chance, nor due to luck – rather due to the proven strategy and programme that she created through her professional knowledge as well as her own rich personal life experience.



“I look forward to accompanying you on your journey of breakthrough to success and self-fulfilment!”

Yvonne Munshi

Yvonne Munshi
Mentor, Therapist
and Transformation Coach

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